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Friday, June 05, 2009


One more year has passed!! Sigh :(

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Its been a year since I blogged!! Lots have happened in the past one year... I wish i had been regular here.. Anyways, I'm not back yet.. But i do hope to get back soon... Till then, let this place stay alive!!! Adios!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Bitter Truth

I am not a kid anymore..
Heck, I am not even a STUDENT anymore

Friday, April 06, 2007

Sivaji Right a!

Sivaji songs are out and I am all excited. There are 7 tracks in this album and 3 of them were actually thirutu thanama leaked out few weeks back.
Rahman strikes again :)
The Album has got everything!! Melody, Hip-Hop, Rap, Jazz and wat not. Excellent work by the Singers and Lyricists.
U should listen to the songs to feel the effect.
Shankar, Thalaivar and Rahman. Wat else can anyone ask for?
God!! I seriously can't wait to watch the movie..

Hero Hero Heradhe Hero
Staro Staro Nee SUPERSTAR o!!

Thalivaa.. Nee seekeram vaa!!
Here's a clipping of the Times Now report about Namma thalaivar. Check it out :)

Wait, There is more reason to celebrate.
Happy B'day BSK :)
Wish u all success in life!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

T-A-G-G-E-D (Part 1)

"Feeling Bored?? Start a tag and spread it.."
Idhaan ippo blogworld oda latest trend.. Iruka tags pathadhu nu pudhusu pudhusa vera start panni vidranga.. adhulla enniyum maati vidraanga :(( ippo maati vittadhu namma R.S annathe!!

According to his tag,
I am supposed to randomly select a blogger and describe abt his/her blog..
Pochu ingiye maatikiten.. which one do i choose?? I read many blogs and each one is unique in its own way..
But tag nu vandachu, so i randomly choose the unplugged guy, namma Chinna Gabtun, Praveen!! :D
He's gifted with an amazing sense of humour and his blog reflects it all.. There isn't a single dull or boring post in his blog.. He guarantees 100% laughter, free of cost... coma la irukara oru patient a ivan post ellathium padika vekkanum... kandipa sirichu siriche setthuduvan!! His film reviews are extremely funny.. adhuvum Gabtun movies na kekave vendam.. And to talk abt his spoofs, ivan Maramando va padichu azhadavanagale iruka maatanga.. tears of laughter, obviously!! :) And yeah, politics um ivan vittu vechadhu illa.. Prime minister lendhu local MP's, MLA's varikum he's pulled everyone's legs mercilessly.. His latest post on budgets speaks volumes abt his keen interest in politics..

Ok, now I am supposed to write a review on a particular post of him/her that impressed me a lot.
It is nearly impossible to pick a favorite among the many posts of his, that have made me laugh my head off..
Anyways, This post on "How to prepare urself for personal interviews" impressed me to a great extent.. Brilliant one.. Very simple and yet funny.. Each line of this post evokes guffaws of laughter.. If u are someone who is searching for a proper job, trust me, this post would be of ample help to u :P

"Any actual work experience?
Buying groceries for my neighbour who has this pretty daughter called Gayathri.

What did you learn from it?
That Gayathri already had a boyfriend."

If you don't read this blog you are so missing out...

P.S: Incase u r wondering what that "Part-1" is doing in the title, Yeah, ther's more to come... Late a tag pannren nu R.S Imposition koduthutaanga... Poor me!! :(

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Its all In the game

Hopes and dreams of hundreds of players,
Faiths and beleifs of thounsands of Indians,
Desires, expectations and anticipations of millions of fans..
Everything shattered and splintered as Chaminda Vaas runs around on the ropes and takes the catch that sealed the fate of our team. India bowled out for 185. A very very bad show put up by our players. Pathetic performance.

Whom do we blame for this fatal defeat??

Violent Cricket fans have started taking the streets in protest raising slogans and cursing the team.. Effigies of players being burnt , their houses being attacked, mock funerals.. A lot of commotion througout the country..
Dejected faces , disappointed fans moving into "Desolation"..
There was a time when the cricket players considered the game as their hobby and passion. But now, the situation has changed totally.. The players are under excess pressure.. They have to handle not only their fans but also their financial benefactors.
The obsession for this game has reached extreme heights that a cricket coach is being brutally murdered just because his team did not perform well !! Was it his sole responsibility that the team lost??
Hmmm... The point is pretty clear..
The true essence of this sport is lost.
Cricket is not "just a game" anymore!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

As wise men said...

When God Closes a Door....

Somewhere He Opens a Window.. :D

P.S: Please excuse me for long time abscondings.. Really busy with my project work and other stuff.. Will get back asap!